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Official Rules

Perchin4 Polio Official Rules

  1. Participants can fish any lake in LaPorte County. We are not limiting the lakes you can fish for perch or other categories of fish.
  2. Participants must only weigh in fish they’ve caught themselves. No sharing of fish.
  3. Participants can weigh in fish from any of the 5 fish categories. Bass, Crappie, Bluegill/Redear and Pike will be measured by length .
  4. Pike Measurement-One discussion I've been having with a few fisherman is "How can we save the pike in Pine or Stone  during the derby? " Trust me, I fish and love these lakes and want to do what I can to keep the big predator fish. What I've decided to do is give the pike fisherman a wooden yardstick from a local business on Saturday morning.(You'll find out what business on Sat)  If you catch a pike, you can bring it in or take a digital picture with your smart phone laying next to the yard stick. . I'll be the final judge on the length of the fish from the photo. I know that's opening me up to criticism but I'll do the best I can. Hope this helps save a few fish. I won't be doing this for pike from other LaPorte Lakes or for Bass. Sorry can't save them all:) Maybe next year we'll expand this concept.  We encourage you to release them.
  5. Big Perch submissions will be by length.
  6. Bluegill and/or Redear will be accepted for that category.
  7. Special Perch Weigh in-Participants will be allowed to weigh-in ten (10) perch only. Fish that are being weighed should be kept in a bucket with water to cover the fish. Frozen fish will not be accepted.
  8. Weigh in-You can weigh in anytime during the day. But for the final weigh in you must return to the designated tournament weigh station by 4:00 PM CST with all your fish ready to be weighed. Winners must be present at 4:00pm weigh in to receive their prize. If you are not present you forfeit your prize.
  9. Ties will be determined by coin flip.
  10. Contestants must have a valid fishing license and must abide by all Indiana Fishing Regulations and special rules announced by the Perchin4polio organizers. Tournament organizers have the right to ask for this license.
  11. There is no youth and adult divisions. Everyone is in one division.
  12. Organizers have the right to cancel the event at anytime due to safety. If the event is cancelled, a prize draw will be held from the pre-registered fisherman names.  All money raised will still be donated.
  13. Registration will be restricted to a maximum of 200 fishermen. Organizers have the right to close registration at any time shall they feel safety is a concern.
  14. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe acts or failure to adhere to the tournament rules can result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
    1. Protests must pertain to specific rules violations.
    2. Competitors wishing to make an official protest must do so by reporting to the Tournament Director immediately before weigh-in.
    3. Protests will be heard by the Tournament Director ONLY, at such time and in such manner as the tournament director determines.
    4. All decisions of the Tournament Director shall be final and binding.
    5. Violators of any of the above-mentioned PFPolio rules shall be subject to: disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.